CSR Management

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

In compliance with the vision and mission of the TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, TSMC has further connected to the international sustainability trend in 2019 by establishing a CSR Executive Committee to serve as the highest level decision-making center for corporate social responsibilities. TSMC's Chairman acts as the chairperson for the committee, and the CSR Committee chairperson serves as the executive secretary. They work with senior executives across different functions to assess TSMC's core operational capability, establish mid-to-long term development goals for CSR, and map out a blueprint for sustainable development that connects TSMC's core advantages with UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The existing CSR Committee serves as the communication platform that integrates and brings together different departments and employees to carry out TSMC's sustainable development blueprint. Task forces that are set up for quarterly meetings and based on issues identify sustainable topics related to company operations and of stakeholders' interest. The task forces formulate corresponding strategies and guiding principles, compile CSR budgets for each organization, coordinate resources, plan and carry out the annual plans, and track progress to ensure that CSR strategies are fully fulfilled in the daily operations of TSMC.

CSR Reporting to the Board of Directors in 2019


  • In response to climate change, the committee strengthened the performance of green manufacturing, developed diverse technologies for resource regeneration, realized circular economy, and used more renewable energy.
  • TSMC pushed for a sustainable supply chain and continued to conduct supplier risk assessments, asking all suppliers to sign the Supplier Code of Conduct, and carry out the Responsible Supply Chain Action Plan.
  • According to the sustainable development blueprint mapped out by the CSR Executive Committee, TSMC continued to align its core business with SDGs.
  • The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation and the TSMC Charity Foundation actively supported our youth, arts education, education in remote areas, and the disadvantaged to bring positive changes to society.

2020 Work Plans

  • Develop renewable energy & recycled water, realize the circular economy, and continue to promote green manufacturing.
  • Reinforce human rights, environmental protection, safety, and operational resilience among suppliers to build a sustainable supply chain.

CSR Committee Achievements in 2019

  • Formulated 2030 goals and execution plans for each organization according to the nine UN SDGs selected by Chairman and CSR Executive Committee members
  • Fulfilled green manufacturing, helped Taiwan develop renewable energy, developed green tools with suppliers, advocated for building water recycling plants, increased the percentage of resource recycling, and realized the circular economy
  • Led the domestic supply chain to upgrade, continued plans to purchase locally, and established a comprehensive auditing and coaching system for suppliers. Conducted environmental P&L assessments for suppliers for the first time to ensure sustainable development across the supply chain
  • The TSMC Charity Foundation established the Sending Love charity platform, leveraging digital technology to improve education in remote areas. The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation promoted exquisite arts, increased its momentum to support youth cultivation, and built a diversified education program that can be tailored to each student's needs