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Corporate Social Responsibility Matrix

TSMC practices innovation through technology, and drives the ceaseless progress of global technology through semiconductors. "Integrity" and "responsible operations" are the two cornerstones of TSMC's business, and its unwavering commitment. In addition to developing growth potential in its core business, TSMC continues to cultivate green manufacturing, create an inclusive workplace, care for the disadvantaged, and build a responsible supply chain to serve as a positive force in society, and to fulfill the Company's responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Bearing a dedication to "diligently doing everything right", we never stray from the path of pursuing sustainability and the mutual good, and always seek a way to improve and move forward.

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Ethical Management

With foundations built on the core value of Integrity, TSMC is a company that has always governed itself with the highest standards. The ethical culture of TSMC employees is continuously strengthened through comprehensive education and training...
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Innovation and Service

As the leader in dedicated IC foundry industry, TSMC has driven continued progress in global technology through innovation. We care about our customer's feedback and have been expanding our R&D scale over the years. We insist on producing sustainable products...
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Responsible Supply Chain

As the world's largest dedicated IC foundry, TSMC is committed to remaining a responsible purchaser by encouraging upstream and downstream suppliers to seek advancements in technology, quality, delivery, environmental protection, human rights, health and safety...
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Green Manufacturing

TSMC's goal is to facilitate coexistence and mutual prosperity between business and environment. Aiming to become a practitioner of green power, we assimilate green management into our business and implement continuous improvement....
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Inclusive Workplace

Employees are the most important asset of TSMC. We deeply instill a people-oriented culture and value the mutual commitment between the Company and our employees, building a friendly workplace exceeding domestic and international standards in safety, health...
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Common Good

To pursue the goal of building a better society, the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation and TSMC Charity Foundation serve as focal points for funds, materials, and people from inside and outside TSMC to devote resources towards cultivation....
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Latest Videos

TSMC's Innovation of Recycling Copper Waste Liquid Generates Millions of Dollars as Green Value Every Year

TSMC is committed to becoming a practitioner of circular economy and achieving the goal of zero waste with resource...

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TSMC Introduces Industry's First AI Powered Chilled Water Energy Saving System, Saving 180 GWh of Electricity per Year

TSMC fulfills its commitment to green manufacturing and environmental protection through innovation and development...

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A Triumphant Duet of a March of Sustainability - A Story about the Collaboration between TSMC and Kertz High Tech

As the world's largest dedicated integrated circuit manufacturer and service provider, TSMC works closely with its...

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Bring Back the Environment- TSMC Ecological Sustainability Park that Technology and Ecology Co-exist

The Fab is not just a squared box; it is a place for lives to co-exist and prosper." In TSMC, all lives have stories...

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TSMC Continues to Boost Efficiency of Energy Consumption to Fully Reduce Carbon Emissions

In the face of a changing global climate, TSMC strives to fulfill its responsibilities as declared in the Corporate Social Responsibility ...

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Bringing Back the Light- TSMC Firefly Habitat Restoration Initiative

Twinkle, twinkle little stars. Heavenly bodies these stars are not. They are, in fact, Aquatica ficta, an indigenous firefly species of...

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Magnificent Transformation- The Regeneration Journey of Waste Copper Sulfate

Innovation at TSMC is a never-ending process. We migrate to the most advanced technologies. We enhance manufacturing efficiency through AI...

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TSMC Certified Green Building Area and Green Factory Certifications are No. 1 in Taiwan

TSMC continues to build environmentally-friendly fabs to reduce energy and water consumption. Since 2006, all new manufacturing facilities...

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